Freight Brokerage Safety Software Details

Freight Brokerage Safety Software

Freight Brokerage Safety Details

As you are reading through the features for TruckMaster 2000 Freight Brokerage Software, you will notice features that are specifically for assets. With TruckMaster 2000 Freight Brokerage Software, you won't need to purchase a separate software system should you now or in the future purchase or manage assets, these features will already be present in your software.

TruckMaster Safety makes managing your driver qualification (DQ) files easy.

From previous employer checks to vital expiration date alerts, no more digging through files monthly or manually maintaining an spreadsheet of information that is absolutely critical to be ahead of.

The TruckMaster Safety system basically runs itself. When you initially hire a driver, you enter in all of their DQ file information (such as driver license and medical card expiration dates, brake check dates, etc), and from that time on, the system will alert you and your dispatchers to information that needs to be renewed or updated. As an example, a dispatcher will not be allowed to dispatch a driver whose driver license will expire before the end of the trip (without a management override).

At any time (we recommend monthly), a menu option may be selected that will run through all of your DQ file information and spit out a letter to each driver that has information that needs to be renewed in the next 30 days, along with a recap report for you. Put it in with the driver's pay check and monitor that you receive the requested data by the expiration date.

Once again, the TruckMaster system allows you to process exceptions rather than norms.

A brief list of features of TruckMaster Safety includes:

  • DQ File Management
  • Accident / Incident Tracking
  • Log Entry and Auditing
  • Random Drug and Alcohol Test Selection
  • Warning Letters to Driver for DQ Date Expirations
  • Dispatchers Alerted of DQ Date Expirations
  • Training Session Tracking
  • "Days Away From Home" Tracking
  • "Days Off" Tracking
  • Automated Pre-Defined Alerts of DQ File Changes

TruckMaster Safety includes an excellent accident report that was developed with the guidance of a major insurance provider. This user-friendly, detailed accident report will save you a considerable amount of time and money when dealing with claims or physical damages.

TruckMaster Safety is a safety director's best friend.