Freight Brokerage Payroll Software Details

Freight Brokerage Payroll Software

Freight Brokerage Payroll Details

A brief list of features of TruckMaster Freight Brokerage Payroll includes:

  • One-Step Payroll System
  • Payroll Data Flows From Other Modules, No Double-Entry
  • Supports Complex Deductions
  • W2 and 1099 Generation
  • Canadian, Provincial, EI, CPP Calculation
  • Direct Deposit
  • Full Tax Reporting

For freight brokerages that have or manage assets

With TruckMaster Payroll, gone are the days of work required to prepare pay checks for your office employees, drivers and owner-operators.

In fact, there's nothing to creating payroll in TruckMaster, as all the information that it needs is entered on a daily basis as you receive driver trip envelopes. On pay day, you simply press a button and watch the checks roll out of the printer.

TruckMaster payroll allows custom cut off periods, automatic or manual pay deductions (including 401k, cafeteria plan, before tax, after tax, percentage of gross), driver advance reimbursement. We maintain federal and state tax tables for you at no charge, for life.

We've spent years refining the sheets that the drivers receive with their pay checks, so they are easy to read and understand, which will greatly reduce the amount of time your payroll people spend looking up information for drivers.

We even support the ability to have deduct driver payroll costs directly from your leased trucks, which allows your leasors to concentrate on keeping their trucks busy rather than having to worry about the bookwork involved in employing their drivers (it also may allow you to charge them a little bit more for the service). TruckMaster also handles your leasor reserve account transactions, along with a detailed accounting of those transactions on your leasor pay sheets.

TruckMaster Payroll comes standard with a diverse sampling of pay types, such as percentage of gross, hourly, extra pick/drop, loading/unloading, per mile, per diem, subsistence, and more. Pay types are customizable, so if you have some way of paying your drivers that we haven't encountered before (unlikely, but..), it's a simple matter to set it up.

If your company uses a mobile communication device, such as Omnitracs, Samsara, Motive, etc., your drivers may have their upcoming pay information sent directly to their in-cab device. Alternatively they may look up the same information via your secure website.

A brief list of features of TruckMaster Payroll includes:

  • Subsistence/Per-Diem Pay
  • Driver Friendly Pay Vouchers
  • Remote Driver Access To Pay Info
  • Manage Driver Payroll For Leasors
  • Leasor Reserve Account Tracking
  • Driver Advance Accounting
  • Pay Leasors / Owner-Operators / Drivers Simultaneously

TruckMaster Payroll is easy to use, and seamlessly integrated with the rest of the TruckMaster trucking software system. You will love this powerful and time saving tool!