"To send off or away with promptness or speed;
especially : to send off on official business"
- Webster

Dispatch involves critical decision making and timely execution. Decisions are only as good as the information available. Execution in today's world demands effective, effortless communication across multiple channels. TruckMaster provides you and your personnel with real time visibility of the information they need, and multiple communication tools to execute their decisions from a single screen. In addition, management may easily track the decisions and timing of execution in real time or via numerous manual and automatic reporting capabilities.

In TruckMaster Dispatch you have efficient visibility of all current orders and equipment with quick access to historical data to assure profitable, timely decisions. Combined with easy communication with customers, carriers, and company staff, via email, fax, EDI, websites, and satellite or wireless tracking systems, dispatching is a smooth process.

TruckMaster Dispatch tools create an environment where monitoring, executing, and communicating is done effectively and efficiently:

Order Entry

Order information may be easily created either manually or via EDI, website, or custom integration. Orders may be created for greater than truck load, truck load, or less than truckload, with multiple shipping and delivery points. Customer credit limits may be automatically checked at order entry with various security options for notifications and/or access. Location data is easily accessed and updated from the order entry screens, as are options for sending order information to clients. For additional flexibility and ease of use, you may create order templates for loads that are not entered via integration but that are done frequently. Once the template is created you may use it to create new orders one at a time or for an entire date range with just a few entries.

Order Rating

TruckMaster's Customer Tariff system is flexible and, at the same time, powerful. Tariff rates may be for all customers or be specific to just one customer. The tariff lanes may cover the entire world or be as specific as from door to door using a variety of Rate Types including an extensive Fuel Surcharge Rating Matrix.

Tariff Management is made easy by allowing you to filter the Tariff Screen by customer, customer group, Tariff Type, or commodity. Once the screen is filtered, any adjustment would be applied to all tariffs meeting the selection criteria.

Order Visibility and Assignment

View all unassigned or 'Available' Orders sorted and filtered as you need, in real-time. In a multiple user environment you can watch as orders are created, and assigned. Available Orders are also color coded to indicate future loads, loads shipping today, and loads that are running late.

Orders may be easily 'dropped' at intermediary points for redistribution, and then reassigned for delivery. Dropped Orders show their drop point and when they are available for pickup. There is no limit to the number of times an order may be dropped and reassigned.

Decision support for assigning Orders is quickly available - with just a couple of clicks you can see company equipment that will be available or view carriers you have used in the past along with their average rate, and performance data.

Using TruckMaster's unique web-interface, your customers are able to see the status of their orders on-line. Your carriers may also view available orders, bid on these orders and accept orders tendered to them via the web-interface.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a secure and efficient way to receive orders from your customers. TruckMaster is designed to work with multiple versions and forms of EDI to auto-generate Dispatch orders from customer EDI transmissions. Simple, straightforward – no extra data entry on your part, the TruckMaster Dispatch creates the orders for you.

LTL Management

Less Than Truckload operations are easily managed, by assigning multiple Orders to a Trip. TruckMaster Dispatch displays the combined weight of the Orders as they are selected under the same Trip number for easy truckload planning. If the Orders are assigned to company equipment the Tare weight of the equipment combination is checked to help ensure there will be no over weight issues.

Most LTL Orders are dropped at distribution centers or other intermediary points for pickup and final delivery. In TruckMaster Dispatch, an Order may be dropped and reassigned as many times as is necessary. TruckMaster keeps track of the total carriage costs, and revenue allocations automatically. Visibility of the Order is never lost.

Trip Management

View all equipment - company and contract carriers - whether empty or currently under dispatch. One screen provides quick visibility of Trip status, easy entry of check calls, and communication with drivers or carriers. You and your personnel have the visibility and tools you need to plan, monitor, and communicate with everyone associated with your orders.

To help you effectively plan when equipment, drivers and orders will be available, TruckMaster Dispatch provides you the ability to have current information via multiple integration channels, such as tracking systems, carrier website, and EDI. Matching equipment to orders may be accomplished with a just few clicks of your mouse; you assign the Orders, create the Trips, and you’re done.


Trip Pre-Planning is flexible enough to easily accommodate life's unexpected changes to your plans. TruckMaster Dispatch makes altering or undoing your pre-planned Trips simple. Whatever the situation requires, TruckMaster Dispatch, handles all of the complexity of the data management, providing simple easy screens for the Dispatcher to manipulate. This allows the dispatchers to be dispatchers, not data managers.

Carrier Assignment

TruckMaster Dispatch allows you to Tender freight to carriers via EDI, Email, facsimile (fax) transmission, secure website integration or wireless solutions, and then receive confirmations and Trip status notifications back from the carriers via these same avenues.

High Frequency Orders

TruckMaster Dispatch is used by a wide variety of operations; therefore, it has the tools to meet your operational challenges. One of the challenges for operations with high order frequency and redundant orders is speed of Order entry. For these operations, TruckMaster Dispatch lets you create Order, Trip, Driver Settlement, and Invoice templates. With a minimal amount of data entry on a single screen, an Order, a Trip, a Driver Settlement, and an Invoice may be generated – quick, easy, accurate, and efficient.


As statuses are entered on Trips the related status not only shows on screen but the status will also change the color of the Trip display for quick reference. As loaded and unloaded statuses are entered the loaded weight is adjusted automatically. All check calls, positions, messages and load assignments are easily viewed for each Trip.

Check calls can be made from a variety of avenues including:

Our On-Time Tracking option provides additional tools to help you monitor your Trips and Orders more efficiently. On-Time Tracking will notify the dispatcher if an expected Trip status has not been recorded within a company defined time parameter. When you couple the On-Time Tracking system with a GPS tracking solution, you have an amazingly powerful dispatch tool.

Extended Tracking System Value

While a GPS tracking solution is not required, the information and communication in real time is extremely valuable. TruckMaster Dispatch system exponentially extends the value of any tracking system. The TruckMaster Dispatch System enhances your tracking system investment:


Brokered Trip Management

TruckMaster Dispatch allows you the freedom to monitor your brokered Trips in the same screens as your company fleet. Check Calls may be entered manually or via EDI, secure website integration or wireless solutions.

Order and Carriage Queries

All data relating to orders, company equipment, and contract carriers, may be quickly and easily accessed via detailed query screens.

Reporting and Analysis

Dispatch reports provide extended visibility of live data for analysis and planning. TruckMaster has built a large list of standard reports over the last 18 years, constantly improving them to focus on the ever changing demands of trucking operations. All reports may be set up to automatically run on an interval you choose and then sent via email, fax, or other channels as you require. Select reports may also be made available to your Carriers or Customers via your website.

TruckMaster Dispatch provides multiple tools that format information from all of your resources so your dispatchers can monitor your shipments and equipment effectively regardless of how the data is provided to you. Whether the position, and status information is entered manually, or via website, EDI, Email, or wireless tracking integration, TruckMaster automatically ties the information in useful formats to the related Order and Trip for easy access before, during and after the dispatch process. TruckMaster Dispatch is the data hub, decision support, and execution tool that will allow your people to drive more savings to your bottom line.

TruckMaster's transportation management system is a completely integrated solution. Once a Trip is completed the Order information is immediately available for Invoicing and Driver Settlement processing, which is where the information for Payroll, Fuel Management, and Road and Fuel Tax is audited and finalized.