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Brokerage Document Management


Brokerage Document Management

In addition to death and taxes, in the brokerage industry, there is another certainty, paperwork. Every day you are inundated with paperwork; customer orders, carrier contracts, carrier qualification documents, carrier confirmations, delivery documentation, carrier bills, customer invoices, claims, etc. Then all this paperwork must be filed in a manner that will make it instantly accessible at anytime in the future. This is a never ending, expensive task.

There are ways to streamline this process however. It may take a small investment in time and equipment initially, but almost all of this paperwork can be stored as electronic documents, saving you an immense amount of time and money later on.

First you need a TMS system that is not only capable of electronic document storage, but also various forms of electronic communication: fax, email, edi, web site, etc. For every electronic message that is sent and received, there is one less piece of paper that must be scanned into the electronic document storage system or filed as a hardcopy.

Work with your higher volume customers to implement EDI for receiving load tenders and sending them status updates and invoices. For your customers with less volume or who are not EDI capable, a web site solution is suggested. They can enter their load tenders and receive status updates via the web site. You can send invoices and delivery documents via email directly from your TMS system.

Carrier communications is similar. Use EDI where it is practical and require all other carriers to use email and your webpage to receive load tenders, update load status, and send you invoices and delivery documentation.

All of these documents are stored in the electronic data storage of your TMS system and can be easily accessed for viewing or printing at anytime in the future. Just remember to backup your electronic data offsite.

If your current TMS is not capable of this or you do not have a TMS system, check out TruckMaster's freight brokerage software. We do all this, plus have a complete dispatching, billing, and accounting system in one package. Start saving time and money immediately.

Craig Sorensen
TruckMaster Solution Provider
TruckMaster Your Freight Brokerage

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